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Thank You for wanting to know more about the weekly podcast about Unitarian Universalists!

UUs are changing the world through the stand they take on issues facing our world today. Meet the people who facilitate making a difference in the communities around them. Whether you are seeker exploring what Unitarian Universalism is or just want personal spiritual growth or inspiration to impact a community, there is something here for everyone. You’ll be inspired to take action.

An Invitation

Your story could influence and motivate others and you just don’t know it yet. If you’re a minister, lay leader, musician, youth or adult member, tell your story!

Popular Topics:

  • social justice
  • music
  • youth ministry
  • climate justice
  • special interest groups-beloved conversations, CUUPS, Summer Institute and Winter Institute, etc.
  • What’s important to you!
  • And MORE!

Let’s Talk!

Leave a comment below if you have a topic suggestion or would like to be interviewed.


Shout outs to @uuperspective for being the only entity-based twitter follow in months that is actually relevant to me. – On twitter from @Zack_TheGreat

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  1. Keep them coming! From racial justice focus, to ministering to the homeless, these conversations remind me why I am a UU every time I listen to them!!

  2. I am a pastor from another denomination who has been attending a UUA church for a few months. I have been working with members of this UU church, getting them started on helping to feed the homeless by making sandwiches, and transporting them to an area shelter. I’d be happy to tell my story at some point, if you’re interested. Thank!

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