UUPP 024: Author, Janet Mason – Finding Inspiration for Work and Life in the UU Faith

Janet Mason

Janet Mason – Author, Lay Leader -Incorporating Writings into Services

Janet shares about her experience as a newbie to Unitarian Universalism, her involvement as a lay leader and how she incorporates her writings into the UUCR services. Hear how her book Tea Leaves came about and shares a personal story about her mother and her past.

What is her advice for aspiring writers? “Take yourself seriously.”


Janet MasonJanet Mason is an author and lay minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration in Philadelphia. Her book Tea Leaves, a memoir of mothers and daughters was published in 2012 by Bella Books. She is a blogger for The Huffington Post and her commentary airs on This Way Out, the Los Angeles-based, international LGBT news syndicate. Since becoming a member of UUCR last year, she has incorporated pieces of fictions into her sermons, including a piece inspired by The Hebrew Bible called “The Serpent” and an excerpt from her recently completed book Art, a novel of revolution, love and marriage.

Favorite Quote:

Poetry is not a luxury. – Audre Lorde


Janet Mason’s author blog can be found at https://tealeavesamemoir.wordpress.com/

She can be found on:

Twitter: @amusejanetmason 

You Tube readings from Art

Tea Leaves by Mason, Janet (2012) Paperback

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