UUPP 023: Race Forward – Taking Effective Action Towards Racial Justice!

Race Forward

Race Forward – Center for Racial Justice Innovation!

Darlene Pagano and Jyarland Daniels speak about the organization Race Forward. It advances racial justice through media, research and practice.  Gain the tools and knowledge to be effective inside of racial justice when speak with others or if you write about racial justice. It’s not just Black and White, it’s about all types of people including Hispanic, Native Americans, South Asians and Immigrants.

Talked about in this episode:

  • don’t allow racial fatigue
  • Supreme Court activiy
  • implicit bias
  • minority/majority doesn’t exist anymore
  • move away from individual acts of racism and help people identify systemic factors
  • Clocking In
  • Race Research Report and its purpose



                                                                                                                                                                                        Darlene Race Fprward. Darlene PaganoPagano is the Business Associate for both Race Forward and Colorlines Magazine. She comes with over 30 years experience in collectively-owned, worker-run businesses, as well as management experience in several progressive for-profit ones.

Darlene has been active in grassroots and local campaigns, starting in Dade County, Florida in the Pitts and Lee Defense Committee; organizing against the Edelin decision; participating in the Vietnam Moratoriums; coming to the SF Bay Area at the time of the People’s Bicentennial actions; on to the Bakke case; the Briggs initiative and other ad hoc actions. She worked in several movement collectives supplying educational, management and process assistance to left, progressive and labor organizations. In addition to having the privilege of working almost continuously in social change collectives, Darlene has been involved in the rich activist work in the Bay Area, as well as inspired by the Bay’s abundant and astoundingly varied cultural scene.

Darlene has worked on production of several books in the Herotica series by Down There Press, as well as writing for and editing a book of essays on feminism and sexuality, published by Frog in the Well.

JyarlanJyarland Daniels - RF Bio shotd Daniels
Prior to joining Race Forward, Jyarland Daniels was the Executive Director of The Metropolitan Detroit Truth & Reconciliation Commission on Racial Inequality where she led a community-based effort to conduct an analysis of structural and institutional racism in metro Detroit. Ms. Daniels, a 2012 graduate of Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, MI, chose the field of law to pursue justice, equality and be a voice for those facing discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation and/or economic class. Prior to her legal studies, Ms. Daniels earned an MBA from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (2003) in marketing and finance. She has been a successful manager in corporate America, utilizing her talents in communication, team building and project management. Jyarland’s marketing and communication skills led to her success in well-known organizations including Hallmark Cards, Johnson & Johnson, Ford Motor Company, and Bentley Motors.

Ms. Daniels has lived in Japan and attended school in Germany and Japan. She has also had various international work assignments which have enhanced her ability to understand and effectively communicate across cultures.

She is a proud parent of a 14 year-old son. In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, exercise, public speaking, mentoring foster children and watching sports – especially her son’s team – and reminding everyone that she’s from Kansas.

Favorite Quotes:

Jyarland: The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stans at times of challenge and controversy. – Martin Luther King Jr.

If yuu are silent you have chosen the side of the opressor. – Desmond Tutu

Darlene: Justice is what love looks like in public. –  Cornell West 


Race Forward

Colorlines Newsletter

Race Reporting Guide

Clocking In

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