UUPP 022: UU College of Social Justice – Director, Rev. Kathleen McTigue

Kathleen McTigue UUCSJ Director

The UU College of Social Justice is a joint project of the UUA and UUSC and is based in Cambridge, MA. The mission of the College is to inspire and sustain faith-based justice work on issues of local, national and global importance. This mission is served through a variety of short-term experiential learning journey for adults of all ages, intensive justice programs for high school youth, and global summer internships for college-age young adults. All programs are grounded in faith-based study and reflection.

Bio:UUCSJ Director Rev. Kathleen McTigue

The Rev. Kathleen McTigue is the Director of the UU College of Social Justice. Prior to accepting this position in 2012, she served as a parish minister for 25 years, first in North Carolina and then New Haven, CT. She currently resides in Boston, MA.


Favorite Quote:

“If our religion plays a significant role in our lives, then it must do more than simply reinforce the values of our culture. In fact, …our values are often deeply counter-cultural. Articulating the ways these values challenge certain cultural ideas about wealth accumulation…for example, is part of what it means to be prophetic….Given the public dominance of conservative religious voices today, if religious liberals don’t speak up, no one else will know that there is another religious perspective.” – Paul B. Rasor from his book –  Reclaiming Prophetic Witness: Liberal Religion in the Public Square


UU College of Social Justice

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Video: Haiti: Beyond Just Recovery

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