UUPP 021: Get the Skinny on the SI Fairy

OMD summer Institute SI Fairy

Si FairyThe SI Fairy is a tradition at Ohio Meadville District Summer Institute.

From teaching the kids to ride bikes, paying double for lost teeth during the week – which creates a rival between her and the tooth fairy, to explosive (real fire) entrances, the Si Fairy entertains young and old alike!

An exclusive interview was given during Winter Institute 2015 and she made a special trip from her Florida winter hideaway to ask the most important questions that campers of both SI and WI have been dying to ask…as she “hydrates” through the whole thing!

The truth about the flaming  pole from news authority the Mockingbird:

The crash landing of the SI Fairy

“As somewhat wildly described in the Mockingbird from 2006, The Kaleidoscope published the picture, ’cause we gave it to them, but they Photoshopped the white squares out of it before they printed it. We claimed they were trying to hide the UFOs pursuing the Fairy, and it was off to the races from there. In fact, they were the reflections of the ceiling lights in the cafeteria, but we’ve never let the truth get too much in the way of a good story.” – Cal Frye, Mockingbird Editor





Fun Fairy Facts:

Ht: 5’7″ (big fairy by normal standards) but invisible most of the time.

Weight: as light as a feather

Wing Span: depends on how mad she gets AND they are not cockeyed!

Favorite saying: “Stay hydrated” (H2O doesn’t count)

Rival Fairies: Tinkerbell; Tooth Fairy; Titania

Favorite Drink: The Liquid of Life: containing necture of dafodil, the spit of bee and fermented snail excrement


The infamous arm wrestling match with Fairy Titania

How Fairys Do It: Sorry no longer in print – darn!

Final Credits: music thanks to:

“Carefree”, “Open Those Bright Eyes”, “Sweeter Vermouth”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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