UUPP 020: Hal Walker – Makes Unique Musical Contributions inside the UU Community

Hal Walker

Enjoy the musical insprirations of Hal Walker!

Hal WalkerFrom guitar to Banakulas he is a wealth of talent. You’ll hear how his music has transformed over time. The freedom he has to use unique intruments at the UU Church of Kent has creates a rich musical community at the church. Also you’ll hear a life changing moment that a near death experience had him realize he could no longer do the “one-man show” and had to reach out to other congregants to support the music that needed to be expressed.

Musical Performances:

You’ll hear him perform his song Everywhere, and an improv on the Khaen. Also an excerpt from his original song The 88 Counties of Ohio (accompanied with the Banakulas) that he would like to see as part of the educational cirriculum when students learn Ohio History during the 4th grade. The lyric sheet is in the form of a map! Also click to listen to the full version of a childrens choir singing the song.

All the music in this episode is performed and written by Hal Walker

Hal Walker Music is a great place to experience more of  his music!

More song links


Khaen - reed instrument from Thailand
The “melodeous Khaen” – the grandmother of harmonicas
Banakula – balls that make rhythmic sounds.
khaen from NE Thailand
Khaen – mouth organ of NE Thailand and Laos


Hal Walker grew up in Kent, Ohio blowing the harmonica along the banks of the Cuyahoga River. As a veteran performer in Ohio, his creative and passionate style engages audiences of all ages. He composes and improvises on the piano, guitar, voice, harmonica, jaw harp and the khaen. (a mouth organ from NE thailand made out of bamboo pipes) Hal has a unique talent for taking an instrument associated with a particular culture, such as the khaen or the African banakulas, and, after experiencing how they are traditionally used, he then makes the instrument his own by playing them in a uniquely “Hal Walker” way. Walker is also an historian with a degree from Northwestern University. Although he has spent his entire post-college career as a musician, much of his music draws from his understanding of time and place. His CD, “Home in Ohio,” is a celebration of community, local history and life in Ohio.

Hal is an artist-in-residence with the Ohio Arts Council and a roster artist with the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1995, he has been the director of music at the Unitarian-Universalist church of Kent. Hal lives in Kent with a houseful of musical instruments and his 17 year old daughter, Hallie.

Favorite quote:

Don’t Believe Everything You THINK!


Hal Walker on Facebook

Learn to play Harmonica at Harmonica.com


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