UUPP 019: Connie Goodbread – Passionate Unitarian Universalist Living Into Its Future

Connie Goodbread - passionate UU

Connie Goodbread – UU Uniquness Comes from the Three Pillars of UUism – Covenant, Pluralism and the Living Tradition

What’s the future of the UU congregations (the people) and the church (the building)? Can we reach out beyond the walls of the church and begin to share Unitarian Universalism to those who may not be interested in attending churches but yet identify with spirituality? It can’t be just us inside our walls of the church. How are we reaching out.

Constance GoodbreadBio:

Connie Goodbread is UUA Staff serving the Southern Region on the Congregational Life Staff Team.
Connie has studied Healthy Congregation development and congregational conflict identification and transformation with Rev. Dr. Peter Steinke.
She has co-authored an emerging congregation process called, The Chrysalis Way. Connie is part of a team that redesigned and leads the Dwight Brown Leadership Experience and Southern Unitarian Universalist Leadership Experience. Connie has also co-authored Your Faith Home – a new UUA pamphlet.


Connie’s creation (it is also the mantra of the UUA Southern Region)
Faith development is all we do.
Unitarian Universalism is the faith we teach.
The congregation is the curriculum.


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