UUPP 017: Listen To The Mockingbird – Laughing At Life Is A Very Important Topic!

Cal Frye and Phyllis Smith are the dynamic duo that create the Mockingbird a spoof on the events that take place at the Ohio Meadville district Summer Institute (and on occasion Winter Institute)

What is the Mockingbird?

” The Premier Pub-lication of the Ohio Meadville District’s (Unitarian Universalist) Summer Institute, The Mockingbird reserves the right to report make fun of everything at SI that needs it, and then some. Proudly helping SI campers blow beverages through their noses since 2005! All resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental — honest, it’s the beer talking.” – Cal Frye

Dont be a afraid to make fun of yourself! Cal and Phyllis are proven masters at this! Every year at Summer Insitute the spoof newpaper comes out each evening as everyone anxiously awaits at the pub to get their issue hot off the press. All satire and nothing serious, many are hopeful they have made it into this elusive paper. Your host of UUPP has even had her claim to fame the 1st year she attended SI when I was teaching One Stroke painting and the fun they had at critiquing our creative pieces of art. Ah but I digress. Anyways enjoy how the Mockingbird began, its evolution and its future. Be ready to LOL!

Phyllis and Cal currently live in Oberlin and attend the of Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and the town where the SI is now being held.


Cal Frye was raised Methodist, with Universalist influences from family. Since 2000, he’s been a member of several NE Ohio UU churches, currently serving Oberlin as chair of Building and Grounds, and the OMD as Treasurer. He works in IT for Oberlin College, and is a Celebrant endorsed by the American Humanist Association. He holds degrees in Physics and Paleontology, and can be found giving an impression of Charles Darwin from time to time in UU pulpits around the District. Cal and Phyl have been wisecracking together at least since mastodons walked the Earth.


Read online at simockingbird.com

Mockingbird Facebook page

Ohio Meadville Summer Institute – omdsi.org you can register for SI 2015 July 12-18.


Final Credits: music thanks to:

“Carefree”, “Open Those Bright Eyes”, “Sweeter Vermouth”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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