UUPP 013: Scott Tayler – Multisites: Interconnection, Innovation, and Impact

Steve Tayler of UUA

Scott Tayler – Multisites: Interconnection, Innovation, and Impact to Create Congregational Networking

With 2/3 of our congregations in the U.S. having memberships of 160 or less how can we work together with our existing resources to make us stronger as congregations and as Unitarian Universalists? Ministers coming out of seminary logically would want a full-time placement. Could that be provided with congregations who have part-time ministry, sharing a minister to create a full-time placement? It can start as an experiment to see if and what might work. Small steps to play with the idea of interconnection. Who can share staff (Religious Education, Administrative) the list can become whatever you make it. For those using monthly worship themes this can make it even easier to share resources such as youth leaders, pulpit guests and small group programs.
Beyond that is collaborating with other religious liberals to make a strong impact in the world when it comes to important areas we serve such as social justice. Interfaith connections is an avenue to explore.
The UUA and CERG has resources to learn more about this and also bring trained staff in to explore this idea. Will this open a door to new conversations inside of your congregation?


Scott Tayler is Director of Congregational Life, overseeing our Regional and District field staff, whose mission is to cultivate connections between congregations, inspire and coach new & innovative models of “doing church”, and empower existing congregations & their leaders to next level of impact. In short, our Congregational Life Teams serve “Interconnection, Innovation and Impact.”

Previously Scott served as Co-Senior Minister of the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY, where he and his staff team developed a small group system that engaged over half of their 1,000 members. Also during his time there, he supported the Rochester congregation entering into a “yoked” multisite partnership with the nearby UU Church of Canandaigua, NY—with the two churches now sharing programming & staff.

email: stayler@uua.org

Show Quotes:

(15:08) – When seperation is healed and connection is made, the holy, sacred, power of creativity arises out of that…

(26:35) – “… alone our vision is too narrow to see all that must be seen, and our strength to limited to do what all that must be done. Together, our vision widens and our strength is renewed.” – Rev. Mark Moorison-Reed

“Whatever we can do, or dream we can do, let us begin it.  Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.  May we ever be bold in our living and loving.”– Closing words of First Unitarian Church of rochester NY, adapted from Goethe


Multisites information: UUmultisite.weebly.com

Keynote talk on multisites

Follow-up workshop


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