UU World’s Kenny Wiley – Creating Change, Disrupting the Thought Process – UUPP 037

Kenny Wiley, Senior Editor of the UU World and avid activist.

He has explored faith and identity as a youth and it helped him develop the core of who he is. His struggles as a Black UU when he was young had him avoid what later would be a significant friendship. He found his friendship with Raziq to be powerful and healing.


Kenny Wiley, a UU World senior editor, lives in Denver and works at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church as its director of faith formation. A 2011 graduate of the University of Missouri, Kenny loves college football, women’s and men’s basketball, and playing ultimate frisbee.

He also the founder of the Denver Black Lives Matter chapter.

Favorite Quote:

Strong people don’t need strong leaders. – Ella Baker

Each night a child is born, is a holy night.- Sophia Lyon Fahs


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