Secular Sobriety When Your Beliefs Don’t Align With AA

Secular sobriety vs AA

Did you realize that 7/12 of the AA 12 steps have a religious reference and can be a put-off to those non-believers. Even though Alcoholics Anonymous says a Higher Power can be anything you want…a door knob….yeah right! Higher power itself doesn’t align with great number of Athiests, UUs and such. So what’s the alternative where you can get support if you want to live a sober life? Secular Organizations for Sobriety is available for that purpose.

Valerie White (episode 42) give us insight into her journey of becoming sober when she hit bottom in 1985. 28 years sober and the experiences of creating her own group of SOS, has given her the opportunity to be open with others in way that helps them to live a sober life. She writes quarterly articles to support others who suffer with the disease.


The movie: The Anonymous People

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