OPUS #2 The Rant! with Dominic Giafagleone – UUPP 032

Opus is a spiritual retreat and summer camp for Unitarian Universalist Young Adults age 18-35.


They worship, have workshops, touch groups, and social justice oriented activities. It runs 5 days and is held in one area for a 2 year period and then moves on to a new area. The past two years it has been located in the mid Ohio area and I had the opportunity to visit for a few hours and do some love interviews. I heard from YAs in their 20’s to one aging out this year and enjoying his final year at Opus. By the way if you wonder what Opus stands for…well it’s not an acronym for anything. It’s just the name of the group.

Dominic Giafaglione

Dominic Giafagleone gives his passionate and  heart felt thoughts on life and what it’s like to be a Young Adult in this day and age. Loving  to name drop he’s one that shows his appreciation and admiration for those who are thought provoking and inspirations to his life and involvement as an activist.

He is a member of Beverly Unitarian Church in Chicago.


Update May 2016: Check out  in Whiting, Indiana, as Dominic and other activists gathered at Lake Michigan for a Native-led water ceremony and prayer — and then hundreds marched to a BP refinery known to process large amounts of Canadian tar sands. (read more…)



Final Credits: music thanks to:

“Carefree”, “Open Those Bright Eyes”, “Sweeter Vermouth”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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