COP21 What is the Future of World Climate?

 COP21  Paris – Will Unitarian Universalist Congregations Become Organized to Ensure Earth’s Future for Our Descendants?

Hear what the results of the Paris COP21 UN talks were from our UU representatives William McPhearson and Jan Dash. Aly Tharp, Program Mangager for Commit2Respond is co-hosting and asking the improtant questions that we want to know the answers to.

Are we organized as UU Congregations to make a difference when it comes to Climate Justice?

Can UUs have an influence over Climate Justice locally?

Emissions – what does the trajectory look like between now and 2100?



 Co-Host, Aly Tharp –  is the Program Manager for Commit2Respond and has been  staff network coordinator for the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice, a covenanting community of activists aged 18 to 35 years old, supported by the UU Ministry for Earth. Aly graduated from Austin College in May 2012 with a Bachelors of Art in Environmental Studies and has devoted most of her time over the last three and a half years to grassroots movements for environmental and climate justice. Aly resides in North Texas with her family and twelve pets.

Webpage: UU Young Adults for Climate Justice

Twitter: @UUYACJ

LinkedIn: Aly Tharp


Jan Dash – links to important sites

the Climate Portal

the Paris Conference blog on the Climate Portal

The talk with slide on CO2 emissions by different countries

2nd edition of my book with the chapter on Climate Change Risk Management

Dr. William McPherson is a retired environmental diplomat. Author of books on ideology and environment, he has participated in international conferences on climate change and worked on a number of environment issues, including coal use, petroleum transportation and renewable energy.



Sabotaging the Planet: Denial and International Negotiations:

Ideology versus Science: Climate Change Denial:


UU Coalition of State Advocacy Networks

UU-UNO Envoy Program


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